You are planning on having a vacation in Bohol, Philippines with your family, isn't it a convenience if you can also rent a car for a day or even a week and roam the wonderful places and landscapes of the whole Bohol island? Renting a Car in Bohol is very esay and also affordable. So include in your plan where you will rent a car on your next Bohol trip.

chocolate hillsThere are lots of great and cool places to visit here in Bohol that you and your family will surely enjoy. One of the famous tourist attraction here in Bohol very famous worldwide is the "Chocolate Hills". It has more than 1200 hills which is 30-50 meters high. The hills are covered with grass and during the dry season, the grass turns brown in which the Chocolate Hills derived from. I remembered during my elementary years, my teacher told us the legend of the Chocolate Hills. She said that their were two giants fighting and they threw soil, sand and stones to each other which formed as small hills. After the fight, they get tired, become friends and leave the island.

Another tourist attraction in Bohol is the "Panglao Island". According to Wikipedia, Panglao is an island in the north Bohol Sea, located in the Central Visayas Region of the Visayas island group, in the south-central Philippines. Panglao Island is famous with its beautiful, white-sand beaches. There are also lots of restaurants, bars, hotels and resorts in this island. Your Bohol getaway will never be complete without visiting Panglao Island.

panglao islandThere are still lots of great places in Bohol that nature-lover will surely love. And for your convenience, renting a car in Bohol is very easy and affordable. u-Drive Bohol Rent a car offers Daily, Weekly and Monthly car rental rates. For a small family, you can rent a Toyota Wigo for just P1,800 per day or P9,000 per week. For a big group, renting a Ford Escape for just P2,500 per day or P12,500 per week will be your great choice. u-Drive Bohol is a self-drive car rental service.

There are lots of advantages of renting a car while you are in a vacation. First and the most important advantage is that you can go where ever you want to go. You can have a tour of the whole island of Bohol and stops when you see a beautiful view or landscapes to take a selfie. Isn't it fun? Another advantage is that there's no need of thinking about maintenance. u-Drive Bohol cars are well-maintained by highly-capable mechanics. We assure you that.

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Enjoy your next vacation in Bohol.


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