rent a car bohol smBefore you rent a car for your wonderful Bohol trip or vacation, here are some tips that can help you in avoiding some problems on your next Bohol trip. Renting a car in Bohol gives you flexibility and freedom when travelling. It will be a hassle on your part if you keep on bringing your own car if you on a trip or touring the Philippine islands. I cannot imagine the delays and complexity in moving from one island to another with your car. It is recommended to find a car rental service in an island where you want to explore. But sometimes, renting a car can bring some problems like choosing provider that offers the best deal. Here are some practical money-saving tips and to avoid problems in renting a car.

Selecting a Car

Carefully think what kind of car you need for your trip. If you are travelling with your family, you may choose a Ford Escape SUV from u-Drive Bohol Rent A Car with rental fee of P2,500/day. And if you are looking to save on car rental rates and gas, you may want to get a smaller car instead. u-Drive Bohol also has Toyota Wigo that you can rent for just P1,800/day.

Booking your Car

How many days or weeks will you be renting a car? u-Drive Bohol Rent a Car offers Daily, Weekly and Monthly Car Rental. The longer you rent a car, the bigger you save. Book you car now or you can call us at (+63-917) 650-6216 if need assistance or if you have any questions before you book online.

Understanding your Car Rental Terms

When booking online, read and understand the terms and conditions before you confirm your car rental reservation. Email or call the car rental company if you need to. Here are the common questions that you need to ask to the car rental company:

  1. What are the requirements in renting a car?
  2. How and when you can pay for your reservation?
  3. Are there any other fees that you need to pay (hiddden fees, taxes, insurance, etc)?
  4. How long is your reservation valid?
  5. How much is the late fee? (fee when you return the car late)
  6. Is there a penalty for no-show? If yes, then how much?
  7. If you are stuck in traffic while on your way to the pickup station, how long can they hold the car?

Remember also to give your flight details to the car rental company representative, they can protect your reservation if your flight is delayed.

At Pickup

bohol car rental serviceIf your first drive of the car you rented is from airport to your hotel, it is better to take a shuttle or taxi to your hotel. Doing this can save you a day's rent of the car. Having a car waiting for you at the airport will incur high airport surcharge or fees.

If you have a personal car insurance, you may not need to buy the car rental company's collision or loss damage waiver (CDW or LDW) insurance. Ask your insurance agent for more info.

Before driving away from the car pickup station, be sure to check the car's body for damages, scratches, etc. Also check the tires, lights and turn signals and report any defects.

Familiarize yourself with the car that you will be using. See which side is the tank on, test the headlights, windshield, wipers and turn signals. Be sure that you memorize the car model, make and color so it will be easier to find it on a busy parking lot.

Returning your Car

Before returning the car you rented, always fill the tank yourself. This way, you only pay for the gas you used. Be sure to return the car on time to avoid late fees. Before leaving the car, check that you do not have any personal belongings left inside the car and on the trunk. Check that you have your phones, sunglasses, wallet, umbrella as these are the most common lost articles.

Be sure that you and an attendant inspects the car for any damages. Check your car rental agreement for all charges that needs to be paid.

Renting a car in Bohol has never been easy with u-Drive Car Rental service. Click here to book your car now.


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